Meet David Reed

A self-professed finance zealot, David Reed is the current Director at Oscar Winson, having been appointed to the Hong Kong branch of the leading privately-held financial services giant in December 2014. He brings more than a decade of professional financial service experience and expertise to the board at Oscar Winson and has been the “go-to” guy for savvy individuals, families, and businesses in need of well-founded professional financial advice.

Full Name: David Reed
Nationality: British
Country of Residence: China
Occupation: Director, Financial Services Officer at Oscar Winson

David’s journey to directorship at the young age of 34

After graduating from Wellingborough G.M. School, David joined the British Army to live a life of change. Over the course of seven years and three months that were mostly spent travelling the world with the army, David learned an array of valuable skills and earned the friendships of a diverse group of real-life heroes. He calls this his real qualification. Not without good reason. Time spent in the army prepared David for what would later become a prolific professional career.

Fresh out of army, David joined the London Stock Broker Firm as a stock broker in September 2004. This marked the start of David’s affair with food – an affair that took him across the world from London to Belgium to eventually Hong Kong where he currently lives as a heavily engaged expat.

After spending a little under two years at the firm; brokering, learning, and growing David moved another London-based Stock Broker Firm as Director, and stayed with the company until 2009 when Guardian Wealth Management offered him the position of Senior Consultant. In a matter of two years, David was promoted to Regional Manager at the Brussels, Belgium office of Guardian. Fast forward 15 months and in March 2012, he was appointed the Senior Financial Planner of Guardian Wealth Management in Hong Kong.

After serving close to two years as Senior Financial Planner, David moved to Oscar Winson as the Director, effective January 2014.

What it is like working with David

The best way to find out is to see for yourself. Different people have different experiences with David; ranging from professional-cum-friendly to completely friendly. Why you ask? Because David has learned to gauge client expectations and be exactly what they want him to be – whether a trusted chief adviser; a competent friend, philosopher, guide; or anything in between.

Hundreds of financially savvy folks, families, and businesses love and trust David Oscar winson for quality wealth and financial portfolio management. So will you!