David Reed: The Vision

As the Director of Oscar Wison, David Reed has set the Shanghai branch of the leading multinational firm on the path of complete, comprehensive private finance and wealth management. How comprehensive you ask? Well, comprehensive enough to care about providing you not just tangible results but also undeniable peace of mind.

Sounds good? We certainly hope so. Because this step is one among the host of strategic decisions taken by Mr. Reed as part of his larger vision to position Oscar Winson as people’s financial services vendor of choice for expats in all of Shanghai.

Oscar Winson Mission, Vision, and Values

Under the leadership of David Reed, Oscar Winson Shanghai strives to become the principal financial and wealth management firm in this global financial center. Our vision is to achieve top-of-mind awareness among Shanghainese individuals, families, and businesses through a tradition of fast-paced, exemplary support and services. We envision ourselves as your first and foremost choice when it comes to any products and/or services related to finance and wealth.

To achieve this vision, we at Oscar Winson dedicate ourselves to helping you – the people whom we consider our business partners, our stakeholders, and not merely clients – build wealth, safeguard, and grow it. Our mission is to deliver these services at the highest level of quality, expertise, and service first time, every time. We aim to keep our services customizable to the bone, ensuring you find just the finance and wealth solution you need.

In these operations and more, we are guided by three values we hold close to our heart:

• Integrity – We value unity, cohesion, and stability, which is why we treat all clients, including you, as family. Our integration of these relationships is compounded by our mission to provide you with comprehensive financial and wealth management services, making us your one-stop-shop for all things related to wealth and finance.

• Trust – We are guided by Mr. Reed’s belief that strong relationships, whether personal or professional, are built upon the foundation of trust. To demonstrate the same value in our services, we provide objective, forthright advice while displaying transparency.

• Collaboration and caring – Mr. Reed believes that there is plenty of room at the top for everyone to stand together. And as an organization, we have translated this belief into action by demonstrating the values of care and collaboration. We care for you, collaborate with you, and take you along in our journey to reach the top.