David Reed – Background and Professional Growth

Mr. David Reed, the Director at Oscar Winson (UK) Limited is a British citizen, living in Shanghai, China. He became Financial Services Officer for Oscar Winson on 3rd December, 2014 and has been serving at this position since then. Prior to this, he was the director, advisor at Sapphire Securities Stock Brokers Ltd. (2007 onwards). David Reed has held five prestigious directorships in his professional career.

Oscar Winson is one of the topmost financial services company which aims to offer innovative wealth creation services to a wide range of clients. It was established in the year 1966 and is among the oldest financial advisory companies of Hong Kong. It has seen the evolution of Hong Kong into an important global financial center.
David Reed went to the Wellingborough G.M School and has previously also served directorships at Independant Finance Centre Limited, St. Paul’s Equities Limited and Executive Golfing Limited. He has also worked as a consultant, regional manager and senior financial planner at Guardian Wealth Management for several years. Guardian Wealth Management provides a variety of premium wealth management services, especially to expats and global citizens all over the world. It offers its clientele advice on financial matters, irrespective of where they are located on the globe.

Some of David Reed’s key skills and areas of work include financial structuring, holistic financial planning, retirement planning, investment strategies, pension schemes, college saving plans, international savings plans, and many other fields.

David Reed’s key areas of interest have been golf, running and football. Those who have worked in close association with David Reed have spoken quite highly of him. He has been acknowledged as a very kind-hearted and highly compassionate manager with a very strong sense of professional responsibility. He also has a deep concern for the well-being of his employees. His staff finds him very approachable and extremely disciplined. He is supportive of his employees in every way and helps them reach their maximum potential. Being a British