Being Globally Mobile – Why Choose to be an Expat

A recent survey on expat life revealed the three English speaking countries, namely Britain, Canada, and the U.S. are ranked as the top nations where people wanted to shift base to or shift base from. London was perhaps among the most popular destinations globally for relocation. As far as the reasons for relocating are concerned, factors related to compensation are ranked less important in comparison to the apparent lifestyle benefits promised by these nations. This is what attracts expats from all over the world.

As opposed to contrary belief, people are driven to relocate or they choose to live as expats not primarily for financial reasons. Rather, it is more to do with career progression and job satisfaction.

Reasons for staying abroad

David Reed of Oscar Winson suggests that a majority of people wish to stay abroad in order to get work experience or enhance personal experience. Job satisfaction and having good relationships with bosses and colleagues are high on the list of reasons for relocating to a new place. The idea is to achieve a happy work-life balance.

Expats claim that living in a foreign country means exploring a culture which is entirely different from your own. You realize that what was often considered as “normal” or “true” in your home country, might not be as normal or true elsewhere. According to David Reed, It gives one a chance to view life and situations from a new perspective. This leads to a significant amount of learning and growth. Learning new and interesting ideas and ways of life could be another exciting reason to embrace the expat life.

The majority of us would find it scary to leave behind our friends and family. But a foreign country offers excellent opportunities to meet new people, especially if you’re joining a new workplace. Many people find this aspect of expat life extremely thrilling. A new job implies new colleagues and these new colleagues could eventually become great friends. Getting a new job and making friends is also a way of boosting your self-confidence.

These are some of the major reasons why people choose an expat way of life. It’s scary, yet fun and a great learning experience!